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Oregional Odoo RestAPI endpoint: /orestapi/model/field

Get information about one, many or all fields of a model, optionally control the list of returned field information.


Sample request["name","field_description","ttype","help"]
endpoint/orestapi/model/fieldDedicated endpoint to get information about fields of a model

Bearer access_token

Info: ORESTAPI authorization header


the related model

  • string
  • mandatory
  • sample: project.task

Required parameter, if not supplied, the request will be denied


list of fields containing information that should be returned about the fields of the model

  • list of strings
  • optional
  • sample: ["name","field_description","ttype","help"]

if empty, than all information fields are returned which can be a huge list

non-existing field names will be ignored

respects model configuration settings

useful fields:

  • name: the technical name of the field
  • field_description: the human readable name of the field
  • ttype: the type of the field (eg: binary, char, text, etc)
  • help: additional information about the field


id is always returned

Sample response
[{"id": 3360, "name": "active", "field_description": "Akt\u00edv", "ttype": "boolean", "help": false}, {"id": 3415, "name": "activity_date_deadline", "field_description": "Next Activity Deadline", "ttype": "date", "help": false}, {"id": 3358, "name": "activity_ids", "field_description": "Activities", "ttype": "one2many", "help": false}, {"id": 3359, "name": "activity_state", "field_description": "State", "ttype": "selection", "help": "Status based on activities\nOverdue: Due date is already passed\nToday: Activity date is today\nPlanned: Future activities."}, {"id": 3416, "name": "activity_summary", "field_description": "Next Activity Summary", "ttype": "char", "help": false}, {"id": 3414, "name": "activity_type_id", "field_description": "Next Activity Type", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3413, "name": "activity_user_id", "field_description": "Responsible", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3386, "name": "attachment_ids", "field_description": "Main Attachments", "ttype": "one2many", "help": "Attachment that don't come from message."}, {"id": 3392, "name": "child_ids", "field_description": "Sub-tasks", "ttype": "one2many", "help": false}, {"id": 3384, "name": "color", "field_description": "Sz\u00edn jegyz\u00e9k", "ttype": "integer", "help": false}, {"id": 3383, "name": "company_id", "field_description": "V\u00e1llalat", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3369, "name": "create_date", "field_description": "L\u00e9trehoz\u00e1s d\u00e1tuma", "ttype": "datetime", "help": false}, {"id": 3419, "name": "create_uid", "field_description": "L\u00e9trehozta", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3373, "name": "date_assign", "field_description": "Hozz\u00e1rendel\u00e9s d\u00e1tuma", "ttype": "datetime", "help": false}, {"id": 3374, "name": "date_deadline", "field_description": "Hat\u00e1rid\u0151", "ttype": "date", "help": false}, {"id": 3372, "name": "date_end", "field_description": "Befejez\u00e9si d\u00e1tum", "ttype": "datetime", "help": false}, {"id": 3375, "name": "date_last_stage_update", "field_description": "Utols\u00f3 szint friss\u00edt\u00e9se", "ttype": "datetime", "help": false}, {"id": 3371, "name": "date_start", "field_description": "Kezd\u00e9si d\u00e1tum", "ttype": "datetime", "help": false}, {"id": 3362, "name": "description", "field_description": "Le\u00edr\u00e1s", "ttype": "html", "help": false}, {"id": 3387, "name": "displayed_image_id", "field_description": "Cover Image", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3418, "name": "display_name", "field_description": "Megjelen\u00edtett n\u00e9v", "ttype": "char", "help": false}, {"id": 3396, "name": "email_cc", "field_description": "K\u00f6vet\u0151k Emailjei", "ttype": "char", "help": "Ezek az email c\u00edmek lesznek hozz\u00e1adva a CC /Carbon copy,m\u00e1solat/ \n        mez\u0151h\u00f6z minden bej\u00f6v\u0151 \u00e9s kimen\u0151 email-hez amit ezzel a feljegyz\u00e9ssel k\u00fcld. T\u00f6bb email felsorol\u00e1s\u00e1t vessz\u0151vel elv\u00e1lasztva adja meg."}, {"id": 3395, "name": "email_from", "field_description": "E-mail", "ttype": "char", "help": "Ezek az emberek fogj\u00e1k megkapni az e-mailt."}, {"id": 3417, "name": "id", "field_description": "Azonos\u00edt\u00f3", "ttype": "integer", "help": false}, {"id": 3367, "name": "kanban_state", "field_description": "Kanban st\u00e1tusz", "ttype": "selection", "help": "A task's kanban state indicates special situations affecting it:\n * Grey is the default situation\n * Red indicates something is preventing the progress of this task\n * Green indicates the task is ready to be pulled to the next stage"}, {"id": 3368, "name": "kanban_state_label", "field_description": "Kanban st\u00e1tusz", "ttype": "char", "help": false}, {"id": 3421, "name": "__last_update", "field_description": "Utolj\u00e1ra m\u00f3dos\u00edtva", "ttype": "datetime", "help": false}, {"id": 3388, "name": "legend_blocked", "field_description": "Kanban blokkol\u00e1s magyar\u00e1zata", "ttype": "char", "help": "\u00cdrja fel\u00fcl az alap\u00e9rtelmezett kanban kiv\u00e1laszt\u00e1s blokkolt \u00e1llapot\u00fa kijelzett \u00e9rt\u00e9ket, ha a feladat vagy \u00fcgy ebben az \u00e1llapotban van."}, {"id": 3389, "name": "legend_done", "field_description": "Kanban t\u00e9nyleges magyar\u00e1zata", "ttype": "char", "help": "\u00cdrja fel\u00fcl az alap\u00e9rtelmezett kanban kiv\u00e1laszt\u00e1s elv\u00e9gzett \u00e1llapot\u00fa kijelzett \u00e9rt\u00e9ket, ha a feladat vagy \u00fcgy ebben az \u00e1llapotban van."}, {"id": 3390, "name": "legend_normal", "field_description": "Kanban tov\u00e1bbl\u00e9p\u00e9s magyar\u00e1zata", "ttype": "char", "help": "\u00cdrja fel\u00fcl az alap\u00e9rtelmezett kanban kiv\u00e1laszt\u00e1s norm\u00e1l \u00e1llapot\u00fa kijelzett \u00e9rt\u00e9ket, ha a feladat vagy \u00fcgy ebben az \u00e1llapotban van."}, {"id": 3382, "name": "manager_id", "field_description": "Projektmenedzser", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3405, "name": "message_channel_ids", "field_description": "Followers (Channels)", "ttype": "many2many", "help": false}, {"id": 3403, "name": "message_follower_ids", "field_description": "Followers", "ttype": "one2many", "help": false}, {"id": 3406, "name": "message_ids", "field_description": "Messages", "ttype": "one2many", "help": false}, {"id": 3402, "name": "message_is_follower", "field_description": "Is Follower", "ttype": "boolean", "help": false}, {"id": 3407, "name": "message_last_post", "field_description": "Last Message Date", "ttype": "datetime", "help": "Date of the last message posted on the record."}, {"id": 3410, "name": "message_needaction", "field_description": "Action Needed", "ttype": "boolean", "help": "If checked, new messages require your attention."}, {"id": 3411, "name": "message_needaction_counter", "field_description": "Number of Actions", "ttype": "integer", "help": "Number of messages which requires an action"}, {"id": 3404, "name": "message_partner_ids", "field_description": "Followers (Partners)", "ttype": "many2many", "help": false}, {"id": 3408, "name": "message_unread", "field_description": "Unread Messages", "ttype": "boolean", "help": "If checked new messages require your attention."}, {"id": 3409, "name": "message_unread_counter", "field_description": "Unread Messages Counter", "ttype": "integer", "help": "Number of unread messages"}, {"id": 3361, "name": "name", "field_description": "Feladat C\u00edm", "ttype": "char", "help": false}, {"id": 3377, "name": "notes", "field_description": "Megjegyz\u00e9sek", "ttype": "text", "help": false}, {"id": 3391, "name": "parent_id", "field_description": "Parent Task", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3381, "name": "partner_id", "field_description": "V\u00e1s\u00e1rl\u00f3", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3378, "name": "planned_hours", "field_description": "Els\u0151dlegesen tervezett \u00f3r\u00e1k sz\u00e1ma", "ttype": "float", "help": "Feladatra becs\u00fclt id\u0151, t\u00f6bbnyire a projektmenedzser \u00e1ll\u00edtja be, amikor a feladat tervezeti \u00e1llapotban van."}, {"id": 3412, "name": "portal_url", "field_description": "Portal Access URL", "ttype": "char", "help": "Customer Portal URL"}, {"id": 3363, "name": "priority", "field_description": "Priorit\u00e1s", "ttype": "selection", "help": false}, {"id": 3376, "name": "project_id", "field_description": "Projekt", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3379, "name": "remaining_hours", "field_description": "H\u00e1tral\u00e9v\u0151 id\u0151", "ttype": "float", "help": "Fennmarad\u00f3 \u00f6sszes id\u0151, a feladat hozz\u00e1rendeltje id\u0151szakonk\u00e9nt \u00fajrabecs\u00fclheti."}, {"id": 3364, "name": "sequence", "field_description": "Sorsz\u00e1m", "ttype": "integer", "help": "Ha megjelemn\u00edti a  feladatok list\u00e1j\u00e1t akkor kiadja a megrendel\u00e9s sorozat\u00e1t"}, {"id": 3365, "name": "stage_id", "field_description": "\u00c9rt\u00e9kes\u00edt\u00e9si szint", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3394, "name": "subtask_count", "field_description": "Sub-task count", "ttype": "integer", "help": false}, {"id": 3393, "name": "subtask_project_id", "field_description": "Sub-task Project", "ttype": "many2one", "help": "Choosing a sub-tasks project will both enable sub-tasks and set their default project (possibly the project itself)"}, {"id": 3366, "name": "tag_ids", "field_description": "C\u00edmk\u00e9k", "ttype": "many2many", "help": false}, {"id": 3385, "name": "user_email", "field_description": "Felhaszn\u00e1l\u00f3  email c\u00edme", "ttype": "char", "help": false}, {"id": 3380, "name": "user_id", "field_description": "Hozz\u00e1rendelve", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}, {"id": 3401, "name": "website_message_ids", "field_description": "Website Messages", "ttype": "one2many", "help": "Website communication history"}, {"id": 3400, "name": "working_days_close", "field_description": "Working days to close", "ttype": "float", "help": false}, {"id": 3399, "name": "working_days_open", "field_description": "Working days to assign", "ttype": "float", "help": false}, {"id": 3398, "name": "working_hours_close", "field_description": "Working hours to close", "ttype": "float", "help": false}, {"id": 3397, "name": "working_hours_open", "field_description": "Working hours to assign", "ttype": "float", "help": false}, {"id": 3370, "name": "write_date", "field_description": "Write Date", "ttype": "datetime", "help": false}, {"id": 3420, "name": "write_uid", "field_description": "Utolj\u00e1ra friss\u00edtette", "ttype": "many2one", "help": false}]
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