OBT10C User

How to use the app

User settings

Menu access

Open Preferences to enable/disable the app sidebar on the left.


Check/uncheck the Show App Sidebar checkbox to enable/disable the sidebar for the user.

Changes are applied immediately

Company settings

Each company can have different settings

Menu access

Open Companies as an administrator and navigate to Theme tab.



Changes are NOT applied immediately when you save. You have to press CTRL+R or CTRL+F5 in your browser. Alternatively you can log out and log in again.

Field nameDescriptionNotes
Font Family

CSS font-family

Make sure the font family is available on the operating system.

It will be applied on the body.

Header - the top header row of the site
LogoLogo displayed next to the left top navigation icon

Large icons will be resized using css (max-width: 270px; max-height: 46px)

TitleTitle displayed next to the logo
Background ColorCSS background color for the header
Text ColorCSS color for the header
BorderCSS border for the header
Border BottomCSS border-bottom for the header
Sidebar - the left sidebar with the app icons
Background ColorCSS background-color
Dashboard - the app drawer dashboard
Text ColorCSS color
Text ShadowCSS text-shadow
Background ColorCSS background-color
Background ImageCSS background-image
Background PositionCSS background-position
Background SizeCSS background-size

When set to "length" or "percentage", than two additional parameters appear:

  • Background Size Width: CSS background-size width
  • Background Size Height: CSS background-size height
Background RepeatCSS background-repeat
Background OriginCSS background-origin
Background ClipCSS background-clip
Background AttachmentCSS background-attachment