OBT10C User

User settings

Menu access

Open Preferences to enable/disable the app sidebar on the left.


Check/uncheck the Show App Sidebar checkbox to enable/disable the sidebar for the user.

Changes are applied immediately

Company settings

Menu access

Open Companies as an administrator and navigate to Theme tab.


Field nameDescriptionNotes
Font Family

CSS font-family

Make sure the font family is available on the operating system.

It will be applied on the body.

Header - the top header row of the site
LogoLogo displayed next to the left top navigation icon

Large icons will be resized using css (max-width: 270px; max-height: 46px)

TitleTitle displayed next to the logo
Background ColorCSS background color for the header
Text ColorCSS color for the header
BorderCSS border for the header
Border BottomCSS border-bottom for the header
Sidebar - the left sidebar with the app icons
Background ColorCSS background-color
Dashboard - the app drawer dashboard
Text ColorCSS color
Text ShadowCSS text-shadow
Background ColorCSS background-color
Background ImageCSS background-image
Background PositionCSS background-position
Background SizeCSS background-size

When set to "length" or "percentage", than two additional parameters appear:

  • Background Size Width: CSS background-size width
  • Background Size Height: CSS background-size height
Background RepeatCSS background-repeat
Background OriginCSS background-origin
Background ClipCSS background-clip
Background AttachmentCSS background-attachment